The 9th edition of Fair Didacta in Stuttgart was attended by the Minister of Education, Valeria Fedeli

The 9th edition of Fair Didacta, the most important international Fair dedicated to Education and training is held in Stuttgart from today to 18 February.

The Minister of Education, Valeria Fedeli participated in the inauguration, accompanied by the President of Indire, Giovanni Biondi e Paola Concia, consultant for ITKAM, the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germny, and member of the board of directors of Firenze Fiera.

The Minister Valeria Fedeli participated in the inaugural speeches. She emphasised the strategic role of school education for the growth of the country, underlining the efforts carried out in the past and the ones to be made in the future to support change, valorising all the initiatives looking towards the future, and even more pointing out the necessity to trigger off new ones. School and society developed at different speeds. «On one hand, there is society with its rapid changes, new technologies, new media, social networks, and a rapidly changing job market. On the other hand, there is the school which proposes a didactic organisation, an environment and teaching tools too similar to those of many decades ago», the Minister of Education stated.

According to Valeria Fedeli, the school should become «an environment for learning and personal and collective growth» where contents are not just passively acquired but also assimilated in a personal way developing at the same time transversal skills. «We must move from the centrality of the lesson to an environment characterised by a new conception of space and time».

«Research demonstrated that young people acquire at school only 30% of their knowledge», the Minister emphasised. Students are nowadays very skilled in the use of digital technology but they find a school environment which is too similar to that of their parents and grandparents. «To involve students, we must change the educational model and school languages, taking advantage of the multiple intelligence of our students, making them protagonists of the learning process instead of passive and quite listeners. In other words, it is necessary to enhance the quality of our school system», the Minister declared.

After recalling the economic measures of our country in support of the school reform, in particular the “Digital school national plan” and “School/work alternation”, the Minister Fedeli referred to “Educational avant-garde”, the movement for the innovation of the Italian school, born in 2014 under the initiative of Indire and 22 leading schools (after little more than two years, the institutes involved in the network are more than 600).

«Many of these schools have already overturned the traditional school model: the lesson can be followed at home. Teachers upload the lesson in the school cloud so that students can see it again at home», the Minister Fedeli emphasised, pointing also out the Indire’s project Maker@school, thanks to which in some Italian infant schools 5-year-old children invent, draw up, and make 3D characters, games and little objects. «The use of new technologies to develop cognitive abilities in small children, not yet able to read and write, who learn by playing, is on the increase».