Didactic of music, a workshop to learn about new digital languages

On 27 September, a vast music laboratory will take place at Fair Didacta. On this occasion, teachers of first and second grade secondary school will have the chance to experience new technologies for teaching music.

The use of digital technologies to teach music at school is on the increase, also thanks to the wide spreading of mobile devices offering a large variety of applications for music education.

The workshop, “Didactic of music and digital languages”, organised by Fair Didacta Italy, in Florence on 27 September at 4:15 pm, is addressed to all the secondary school teachers interested in knowing more about the basic tools to innovate the didactic of music. The main focus will be music practice and composition through cloud-based applications. The participants will be directly involved in the workshop activities.

Marco Morandi, Indire’s researcher and coordinator of the workshop, “Didactic of music and digital languages” explains how the event is going to evolve.

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