eTwining – two events to get to know the most active community of electronic twining in Europe



eTwinning is going to participate in Fair Didacta with two events open to everyone wishing to know more about the community and the cooperation projects of the European platform.

The eTwinning project is part of Erasmus+ and since 2005 is the community of teachers active in electronic twining projects between schools. Through an online platform which allows teachers of different countries to know each other and collaborate in an easy, fast and safe way, eTwinning inaugurated a new kind of teaching based on collaboration and exchange in a multicultural context, offering many training opportunities and a system of international awards and labels. At present, 13 years since its creation, eTwinning includes 550 thousand teachers enrolled on the platform, with 60 thousand of them being Italian.

The first appointment will be the conference “Innovating schools with eTwinning” – scheduled for 18 October and addressed to the most active schools of the platform which play the role of real Learning Organisations for bottom-up innovation. Booking is advisable.

On 19 October from 9 to 11 there will be the workshop “Hands on eTwinning” aiming to train participants for the uses of the tools available on the platform, by providing practical exercises on registration, profile creation, partners research, how to register a project, and how to organise TwinSpace.

The members of the eTwinning national unit and some expert teachers are going to participate in both events.

As it already happened in the first edition of Didacta, during the three-day event there will be the annual coordination meeting of the Italian eTwinning ambassadors, the network made up of more than 150 teachers expert of the platform who have been active since 2009 in providing support, information and disseminating eTwinning learning activities at regional level.