The photo exhibition “Focusing on school: Italian history in images”

There won’t be only conferences and workshops at Didacta, but also important exhibitions, such as “Focusing on school” curated by the Indire’s researcher Pamela Giorgi.

The exhibition is made up of photos originating from the Indire’s Photographic Archive and tells the story of the Italian school by images.

The photographs exhibited present to the visitors the most positive idea of school, that is, not the real school system of that time but the vision that the school wanted to give of itself and its ideal objectives, through indoor and outdoor activities documented by the photos.

The Indire’s headquarters in Florence has been collecting, since 1925 (when the first National Didactic Exhibition took place there) thousands of photos (together with objects and documents) from schools all over Italy. The archive is now composed of about 14,000 images, which testify Italian school life from the beginning of the 20th century to the 60’s.

Photo credits: Indire’s photographic archive