INDIRE, the scientific partner of the event, coordinated a wide-ranging seminars program: more than 80 events including workshops, conferences, meetings, best practices of the Regions and training seminars focused on new technologies and on all the topics of education, from early childhood to specialized courses and on vocational training centered on the labor market.

The Ministry of Education included Fiera Didacta Italia among the multiannual updating training plan for teachers.

Training courses for members of professional associations such as architects and journalists, will also be planned.

Discover the day-by-day events:

Avanguardie Educative
Regione Lombardia
Regione Piemonte
Regione Toscana
Other Institution or University


  • Subject-related Classroom Lab
  • Block Scheduling
  • Debating (Argumentation and Debate)
  • Spaced Learning
  • TEAL (Technology Enabled Active Learning)
  • Scenario-based Teaching
  • Innovative Education with Flipped Classrooms
  • Integration of Digital Educational Content/Textbooks
  • Differentiated Learning
  • Independent Learning and Tutoring
  • Thinking Routines and Maker Thinking in class (Harvard University)
  • IDA, the Adult Education for a Widespread Learning
  • Adult Education: Present and Distant Learning
  • Learning Evaluation to Promote Innovation
  • Early Childhood Education 0 – 6 years
  • No-Backpack School
  • Science-related Classroom Lab
  • Education and Teaching
  • Beyond Subjects
  • Leadership and Innovation: the strategic role of Headteachers



  • School Textbooks and Digital Content
  • SCIENTIX and STEM education
  • Promoting Strategic Learning Skills in Secondary School
  • School-Work Alternation. Training for Academic Tutors
  • Developing Linguistic Skills for 21st Century Schools
  • CLIL and TELLMethodology
  • Rethinking the Language Skill Evaluation: assessment and e-feedbak
  • Evaluation, monitoring and improvement of educational process
  • Educational Design for Skills: the School-Labs
  • Teaching Laboratory for Math (National Progects)
  • Teaching Laboratory for Physic (National Progects)
  • COMPITA Project: Language Skills in Italian
  • Guidelines for Learning Philosophy in the 21st century
  • Lombardy Regional Project and Activities: a “Best Practice”
  • eTwinning: Schools collaboration as value for innovative education
  • Music Teaching and Digital languages
  • #sciencecontentdesign
  • #sciencecontentdesign
  • Language as Study subject : the Grammar Lab
  • Music is School – Music at School
  • Improvisations not procedural and/or not idiomatic in young music education
  • Sonorità e qualità nella produzione vocale
  • Nests of Notes- Notes at Primary School
  • Shared Choir




  • Study Paths professionalizing of tertiary education in Europe
  • Teachers in Europe: working conditions, remuneration and training
  • Germany’s Dual System
  • Alternating School/Work in Italy and Europe
  • Alternating School/Work: activities of preparation for the experience in the world of work
  • Apprenticeship for the Diploma of higher education
  • Education and Vocational Training: the ITS system



  • Robotics in School (Primary Schools)
  • Robotics in School (Secondary Schools)
  • Makers and School: 3D Printers in Preschool
  • Makers and School: 3D Printers in Primary School
  • The Laboratory on the Desk: Solutions and Tools for a new Methodology for STEM education
  • Virtual Reality and Immersive Environments to Enhance Learning
  • Creation of educational contents in virtual  and augmented reality
  • Teachers’ digital skills: the European research MENTEP (Mentoring Enhanced Technology Pedagogy)
  • ICT and school inclusion: when breaking barriers
  • Innovative teaching technologies and methodologies for DSA
  • Sensory Technologies and Disorders
  • Language Technologies for Digital School
  • 3D Educational Content
  • E-Learning and Collaborative Cloud Environments



  • Let’s Design School Together
  • How To Arrange Flexible Educational Spaces in Your School
  • Individual Spaces for Custom Learning
  • Future Cassrom lab (European Schoolnet)
  • The School of the Future: Guinigi Palace (Lucca)
  • Classroom 3.0 and pupils’ learning. Practical Examples of Using Technologies to Promote Learning. Pupils are protagonists


  • School Library As Learning Environment
  • How To Arrange Flexible Educational Spaces in Your School
  • Individual Spaces for Custom Learning
  • Educational Publishing Sector
  • New Furnishings for Old Buildings? How to Transform School Environments with a New Generation of Built-in furnishings and Technologies
  • Technological Solutions for Laboratories 4.0 in School
  • A Look At The Future: Technological Tcenarios for School of Tomorrow
  • Collaboration Between Companies and School for Innovation
  • ConnectvSchools to the Network: Problems and Solutions
  • The Electromagnetic Pollution Theme in Schools:  Dangers for Health