Fair Didacta Italy takes place in Florence in the da Basso Fortress from 9 to 11 October with opening hours 9 am – 6:30 pm.

The event, included by the MIUR in the multiannual plan for teacher training, encompasses a scientific programme of more than 170 events.

In the coming days, the programme will be updated and additional courses will be included.

The programme is coordinated by Indire and involves the most relevant Italian and international realities of the education and training sector. Besides the activities curated by Indire, there is the educational offer organised by MIUR, CNR, Innocenti Institute, Reggio Children, Tuscany region, Unioncamere, IPSSEOA Buontalenti, UNIFI FORLILPSI, Fondazione Intercultura, Aie and Città della Scienza.

The scientific programme is organised according to different kinds of activities to offer all the teachers of infant, primary, upper and lower secondary school, and professional institutes the opportunity to take part.

Besides the scientific programme, there are events organised by institutions and companies. These are presentations of projects, services, products and thematic discussions held by influential companies or institutions of the education sector. The issuing of an attendance certificate at course completion is discretionary to the company or institution that carried out the course. Booking is advisable.

The Miur has sent a new circular to the head teachers to participate in Fair didacta Italy (the first was no. 11600 of last May) to inform that on the occasion of the new edition of Fair Didacta Italy, teachers can participate in 90 workshops, 67 seminars and 10 conferences.

Didacta 2019 is dedicated to Leanardo da Vinci, the artist, scientist and inventor from Tuscany, genius of the Renaissance who died in Amboise on 2 May 1519 and will be celebrated with workshops and conferences.

How to participate in Fair Didacta Italy

Tickets can be purchased directly from the portal by using credit card or the teacher voucher.

  1. By purchasing the ticket valid for 1 day (14 €) it is possible to book up to two activities with certificate release, of which a maximum of 1 immersive workshop or 1 Indire’s path “school of the future”.
  2. By purchasing the 2-day ticket (20 €) you can book up to four activities with a certificate, of which a maximum of 2 immersive workshops or 1 immersive workshop and 1 Indire’s path “school of the future”.
  3. By purchasing the 3-day ticket (25 €) you can book up to five activities with a certificate, of which a maximum of 2 immersive workshops or 1 immersive workshop and 1 Indire’s path “school of the future”.

All ticket types allow you to register for conferences and debates without limitations as long as they do not take place at the same time as the other booked activities.


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