Fiera Didacta for teacher training

The event has a wide exhibition area and focus on over 80 workshops organized in innovative ways.

The scientific program is design by Indire and  will involve schools, universities, Italian and international experts.

Workshops will be held in various types of spaces and methods :

Talk: room with 150/200 seats, equipped with a large screen and audience arranged in a semicircle.
Immersive: room with modular furniture, computer equipment and enhanced WiFi connection. The participants live an innovative experience in spaces equipped with technology that can be used directly by the participants.
Debate: a flexy conference room with 50 seats that can be expand up to 100 according the registrations.

Moreover, during the three days of Didacta, in the Main Hall there will be carried out important national conventions.

Fiera Didacta Italy is the Long-term Planning for teacher training planned by the Ministry of Educations.

The teacher can decide to enroll at the online university IUL, partner of the event, can use the Card of Teacher to participate in Didacta and get the certification for the activities carried out (1 ECTSC, European Credit Transfer System Credits ).

The Italian Ministry of Education will publish soon a specific Circular Letter (05 /05/2017) for teachers that intends to jojn the workshops, teachers can request to their school the recognition for the in-service training.