The launch and success of the first edition of the Fiera Didacta Italia also through the synergy between the main institutions of the territory, active partners in the event.

“Didacta, for over 50 years in Germany, the largest world fair of education and training, has decided for the first time in its history to go abroad” notes Cristina Grieco, councilor of education of the Tuscany Region. “We are very proud that Didacta International chose to come to Florence. It is a great opportunity offered to us to enhance the Tuscan model of the system of education and instruction.”

“We are pleased and proud – emphasized the Florence deputy major and education councilor Cristina Giachi – for the first time Didacta, the education fair, that in Cologne, Stuttgart and Hannover attracts 100,000 visitors a year, will also start developing outside Germany and will be organized in Florence. Didacta will attract teachers, professionals and companies in the sector to the fair, while outside the exhibition, in various strategic locations in the city, events will be scheduled, with the aim of interesting students from all over Italy. It will be a great opportunity for everyone to reflect together on what it takes to schools to get in the future from all points of view: technological equipment, school buildings, teaching and pedagogical innovation. “

“The relation between school and work is not only one of the new competences entrusted to Italian chambers of commerce. It is the centrepiece to build the future and plan the future of our country – says Leonardo Bassilichi, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence. It is therefore natural that on this issue we are doing our best. Didacta Fair is still the leading event in Germany since decades and was never exported abroad before, is a great success of our territory and at the same time strengthens the issue that school and work must be even more closer worlds, one supplementary to the other.”

“I am convinced that the strong spirit of collaboration and synergy among the various partners of the event joined the German know-how, will be the winning combination for the success of the event” argues President Emanuele Gatti of ITKAM, the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany. “thanks to the constant and strong relation among our experts and the partners of the Didacta Association in Frankfurt, such a positive outcome have been possible”.

“With Fiera Didacta Italia, Florence will become the capital of the new educational models and the school of the future” affirmed Paola Concia, member of the Florence Board of Administrators of Firenze Fiera and business consultant of ITKAM. “Partnering with Didacta International and with the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (Itkam), the institutions of the territory (Tuscany Region, the City of Florence, Chamber of Commerce of Florence, Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau), and under the direction of the Italian Ministry of education and INDIRE, are working with passion and enthusiasm with a common aim: the launch of a new fair targeted to those who operate in the school and education sector.”