Training, webinars, workshops, meetings, and updates on the school world. Didacta Fair 2021 – the most anticipated national event devoted to school - is approaching, allowing teachers, educators and sector experts to meet and share ideas on the future of school.

Considering the health emergency linked with the current pandemic, an online conversion of the event proved necessary. However, this choice will not limit in any way the access and usability of contents for all participants.

The 2021 edition will present many novelties without leaving the main path which made Didacta Fair an unmissable event for experts and for all those who love the school sector.


Community online

The first step to always stay up to date on all news concerning the event and the activities linked with Didacta Fair is to join our online community: information, details, and exclusive contents will be available for you, allowing you also to stay in touch with all the other members of the group. Would you like to become an exhibitor? Are you interested in a specific workshop? Would you like to interact with one of our experts? By joining our “virtual family”, you will benefit from all these and many other possibilities.


Virtual Fair

One of the most interesting new features is surely the opportunity for participants to visit booths, gather inside thematic areas and attend live meetings, surfing through our virtual fair, and fully enjoy the entire experience in a digital version. Access to all activities will be implemented in a realistic and innovative way, giving rise to a virtual reality which even the most traditional visitors will be able to appreciate.


There will surely be events and activities organised by Institutions and Companies, which you will be able to join as in the previous editions. New trends and the most innovative proposals will be presented to enhance and integrate plans for the school of future, stimulating discussion among all those who experience the learning environment every day. In addition to collective activities, it will be possible to organise one-to-one meetings with our experts, sharing ideas and proposals to develop this sector.

B2B Meetings

Furthermore, the virtual version of Didacta Fair will not reduce the staff commitment to facilitate the meeting between demand and offer as much as possible concerning the products shared by exhibitors. Potential buyers will be selected with care in Italy and abroad, thus broadening the market and sectoral skills horizons, but without loosening the grip on the quality and regularity of the meetings and of any possible transactions.

Scientific Programme

The participation of sector experts and specialist staff in the fair, coming from the Italian and international scene, guarantees a top-level scientific programme, ensuring premium training and updates for the over 700 teachers who are going to participate in the many workshops, conventions and seminars on schedule. The whole programme of the event is endorsed and coordinated by INDIRE.


In addition to visitors, the online platform of Didacta Fair is obviously also open to those who wish to participate as exhibitors. If you have an innovative product which you think might be of interest for the school community, just follow the instructions of the video-presentation at the following link, and you will find all the information you need to set up your booth and join the pool of exhibitors for the next edition of the Fair in March 2021.