For the first time in Italy an event dedicated to the world of education, vocational training and relation among school and work will take place. In the middle age Fortezza da Basso fortress, form 27 to 29 September 2017, the first edition of the Fair Didacta Italy will be an event that promotes the debate on the education world among institutions, associations and entrepreneurs, creating a meeting place between schools and market operators.

The three days of the Fiera Didacta Italia will host both: an exhibition area, where companies operating in the world of education and training will exhibit, and an area dedicated to events, such as conferences and seminars ranging from technology to the scientific and humanistic, until the learning space. In addition, during the fair various panels, will strengthen the themes of relation between school and work, the central part of the recent school reform in Italy, following the example of the German dual system.

Fiera Didacta Italia affects all those who work in education, education and vocational training. In particular, institutional representatives, teachers, school managers, educators and trainers, as well as professionals and entrepreneurs operating in the school and technology sectors.