Didacta Fair: signed the agreement to host the event in Florence until 2022

Fair Didacta is going to be held in Florence until 2022. The agreement granting the only spin off event of the main global education fair to the da Fortezza da Basso in Florence was signed in Hannover by Florence Fair and Didacta GmbH, the subsidiary society of Didacta Verband, the consortium of more than 260 German companies operating in the school world which has organised the event in Germany for more than 50 years.

Last year, more than 20 thousand people attended the first edition of Fair Didacta with 150 exhibitors coming from all over Italy and from Germany, Austria, UK and China. Next edition is already in the organisational phase and is scheduled in the da Fortezza da Basso  from 18 to 20 October 2018. The just concluded agreement allows Florence Fair to plan far in advance also the next editions in order to consolidate the presence of this new fair which is important for Florence and for Italy.

In parallel with this, Firenze Fiera and Indire have signed a five-year agreement which grants, once again, the Scientific Committee of the fair to Indire (National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research), the Italian Ministry of Education’s oldest research organisation. Moreover, the organising committee (including the MIUR, Didacta international, ITKAM, the Tuscany region, Florence City Council, Florence Chamber of Commerce, Unioncamere, and Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau) will be supported by a scientific committee including researchers and academics.

Cristina Grieco, Councillor for education of the Toscana Region declared: « Didacta’s format serves as a centripetal hub attracting innovation, experiences, ideas and competences […] we are therefore pleased that this formative cultural event becomes a benchmark in Tuscany. This is an opportunity of quality offer for the school world and a chance for confrontation and growth in order to know and valorise educational excellence». Anna Paola Concia, councillor for fairs, conventions, territorial marketing and tourism of Florence stated: «During the mission of the Committee in which I took part with the president Bassilichi and the president Biondi, the agreement to continue hosting fair Didacta in Florence for the next five years was signed […] our German colleagues acknowledged the great success of the first Italian edition, that alongside the German fair, is at the heart of a vast project of promotion of the school of the future in the world» . Giovanni Biondi, president of Indire emphasised: «this year there will be more immersive workshops so as to give teachers the chance to try out the innovative proposals that will be presented in the next edition». Leonardo Bassilichi, president of Firenze Fiera declared: « the agreement confirms the trust we gained from our German partners and is an important step towards becoming the favourite Italian destination of events rewording excellence in the fields of innovation and culture».