Food education is the main focus of many of the events of Didacta

The school is one of the most important environments where students can be provided with the necessary education, based on the nutritional and cultural value of food, in order to carry out a healthy life style.

In collaboration with Camst, Cir Food and Elior – the main national catering and restaurant industries – under the coordination of Anci (national association of Italian municipalities) , Fair Didacta offers a series of events open to the public with the aim of deepening the role of the teacher in food education, but also develop awareness on food production, distribution and environmental sustainability.

On 28 September, there will be a round table, “The educational value of the restaurant industry” and a meeting, “Food and well-being at school. The importance of the educational role of the teacher”, focused of the central role of the teacher in food education. The meeting has a duration of 3 hours and serves the scope of sharing experiences and guidelines on the nutritional and cultural value of food, conceived not only as nutrition but also as tradition, innovation, health, well-being, ethics and responsibility.