The greetings of the Minister of Education, Valeria Fedeli at the presentation in the headquarters of the Tuscany region of Fair Didacta Italy

Fair Didacta Italy, the most important Event on Education, which is going to be held in Fortezza da Basso, in Florence, from the 27 to the 29 September 2017 was presented this morning in the Sala Pegaso of the Tuscany region headquarters.

The Minister of Education, university and research, Valeria Fedeli intervened in the presentation with a letter of greetings which was read by Anna Paola Concia, Councillor for tourism and international relations of Florence, to more than one hundred headmasters from Tuscany.

“Dear all,

I apologise for not being there with you today, I’ve been held up by institutional commitments. I am, however, very keen on sending a message on this occasion.

Fair Didacta Italy is a concrete example of the opening up to dialogue of the education and training Italian system. At a national level, all the operators, school members, institutions, associations and companies are engaged in a positive confrontation. There will be events and conferences also with the participation of the Miur. internationally, successful experiences coming from European countries can offer a cause for reflection and models for initiatives of this kind in Italy. Didacta will be a melting pot, a place to know and disseminate innovative didactic methods, exchange experiences and spread out good practices. I encourage the teachers to participate: the Fair is part of our multiannual plan for teachers training.

We are especially proud of this initiative. Bringing to Italy this German event – Fair Didacta has been held for many years in Germany – is an important step for our country, it is a change of pace and perspective. It shows the strong desire of our school system to innovate and open up to the rest of the world.

Fair Didacta Italy, is an opportunity for growth, which we need to make the most of. Being prepared to face up to innovation is a duty, and a responsibility we should never avoid. During the three days of the Fair the different protagonists of the trade industry and the school world will have the chance to meet, talk and exchange stories, experiences, methods and perplexities. Therefore, we hope it will offer inspiration for improvement and innovative proposals”.