The scientific programme of the second edition: more than 150 events including workshops coordinated by Indire and a Scientific Committee

Fair Didacta Italy has a scientific programme of more than 150 events including workshops and conferences, organised in an innovative way and coordinated by Indire and a Scientific Committee consisting of CNR, Innocenti Institute, CRUI, The Italian Publishers Association and Reggio Children.

The Scientific Programme is organised into different educational stages to guide teachers through the educational offer, according to their interests and the educational level they teach. Browsing through activities is facilitated by a system of colours and icons allowing immediate identification of the workshopsFor the first time this year there is a 0-6 section including a series of immersive workshops addressed to the little ones, and a section dedicated to hotel management schools with lessons, cooking shows and laboratory activities.

The workshops (limited enrolment and compulsory reservation) will be held in specific environments, endowed with facilities in line with the two methods foreseen: 1) Immersive – the workshop will take place in a room equipped with modular environment, facilities and Wi-Fi connection. Participants can take active part using tools, technologies and materials available in the laboratory; 2) Debate – the workshops take place in a conference room where two or more discussants are face-to-face and present their work in turns within an adversarial procedure. A moderator manages the time and flow of communication. By the end of the debate, participants are called to vote for one of the theses exposed.