The workshop on new technologies and disability at Fair Didacta Italy

How can new technologies enhance the inclusion of people with auditory, visual, motor, mental and cognitive impairment? The workshop “Technology and disability” (the technologies protagonists of the change) is going to be held on Wednesday 27 September from 4.15 pm to 7:15 pm. During the event will be presented the IT and technology tools, which can concretely foster the autonomy, learning ability and the development of capacities for daily life.

In recent years, new technologies have helped in increasing the social participation of people with different types of disabilities: auditory, visual, motor, mental, cognitive impairment and autism. The workshop aims to show, with videos and direct testimonies the use of specific IT tools to foster the inclusion of disabled people in schools, at work, in social life and in society in general.

The workshop shows how technology tools can concretely foster autonomy, encourage learning and develop useful competencies for everyday life.