Firenze Fiera has always been committed to improving performances linked with social and economic sustainability, and to reducing environmental impact connected to the organization and development of any kind of events through the use of ‘good practices’, while respecting and protecting the environment.

Thanks to this commitment, Firenze Fiera obtained the prestigious ISO 20121 certification for a sustainable management of events, which is added to ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (health & safety) certifications. Thus, it has become one of the first congress and exhibition centres eligible to obtain this important acknowledgement certifying commitment in the social, economic, and environmental management of events – from the design and planning stage to service provision and management after the event. 

To achieve this goal, an internal committee on sustainability was created with the aim to reduce the environmental impact of the event, and to promote sustainable good practices by involving all the stakeholders.

Below, you will find some information and activities. Your participation is crucial to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly event.

Why Organise a Sustainable Event?

A sustainable event is no longer a choice but a basic necessity.

Each one of us can contribute concretely to make our planet more sustainable through our daily actions, and you can do so at Didacta. 

Help us respect the environment by creating value for the community, and to spread a culture of inclusiveness. Become an integral part of our commitment to create a better future for everyone



We kindly invite you to use the dedicated collectors located in various areas inside the pavilions.

Inoltre, all’ingresso della Fortezza da Basso, Porta Santa Maria Novella, è stato installato un “Mangia Plastica” per compattare e riciclare le bottiglie, riducendo l’abbandono dei rifiuti e stimolando la cultura del riciclo.




In several areas, you fill find information displays and digital totems powered with touch technology, containing useful information on sustainability and inclusiveness management, and on the development of the event – a map, a list of the pavilions, and the full programme. Maps printed on 100% recycled paper will also be available.




Thanks to the support and co-operation of our service – Cooperativa l’Orologio – we use Ecolabel products (EU Ecolabel) to clean the exhibiting spaces. Furthermore, toilet paper in the toilets is made with raw materials coming from sustainably managed forests and from controlled sources (PEFC/FSC) or Ecolabel.




On the Ground Floor of the Spadolini Pavilion, there will be a “Green Area” featuring sustainably aware display stands. In this area, booths will be made up of recycled aluminum, with water-printed fabric graphic cladding on all the surfaces, and LED spotlights.

Green booth – Spadolini Ground Floor



Firenze Fiera uses electricity coming entirely from renewable sources and is gradually replacing traditional bulbs with low consumption LED light lamps.




Admission tickets will be digital and featuring a barcode.




Thanks to the support and co-operation of our partner, Gerist Ricevimenti, during the event we will collect and donate food surpluses. For years, Firenze Fiera has been involved in an awareness-raising project against food waste, collecting food surpluses. The recovered food is then donated to charitable institutions (foster homes, soup kitchens). We kindly recommend you to ask for appropriate food portions in order to reduce food waste. 




This event is based on an inclusive approach to make it accessible to everyone, and aims to take into consideration the needs of all the potential participants, including people with difficulties or disabilities, people with allergies or intolerances, etc. For instance, the event will feature checkouts with priority access, facilitated routes for people with disabilities, areas specifically equipped for breastfeeding and changing diapers, relax areas, as well as gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan products. 

Thanks to the support and co-operation of our service – Cooperativa l’Orologio – we use Ecolabel products (EU Ecolabel) to clean the exhibiting spaces. Furthermore, toilet paper in the toilets is made with raw materials coming from sustainably managed forests and from controlled sources (PEFC/FSC) or Ecolabel.




The venue of this event – the Fortezza da Basso – is located at the heart of Florence, just a few steps away from the Duomo and the central railway station of Santa Maria Novella, and only 4 km from the Florence international airport. Florence is a walking-distance city, where you can reach all the main attractions on foot from the Fortezza da Basso.

You can reach the Fair by tramway and with other public transport connecting the city centre to the suburbs, or you can rent a bike or scooter and enjoy the bike sharing services. 

In front of the Fortezza da Basso, you will find the T1 line stop of the Florence tramway, through which you will easily reach various areas of the city. 

If you arrive from the motorway, you can choose to reduce urban pollution by leaving your car at the “Drive and Tramway” area of ‘Villa Costanza’ exit (on the A1 motorway), and at Viale Guidoni car park (from the A11 motorway), and then catch the tramway.




At all info point and at exits, you will find signs and posters featuring a Q-code to analyse the event satisfaction and ideas for improvement, in addition to dedicated staff who will collect information for the Fair survey. We kindly ask you to dedicate a few minutes of your time to help us improve.