Didacta Italy Fair, on March 20th in Florence, will kick off with a musical inauguration featuring students from the Erasmus Orchestra

The Erasmus Orchestra returns to perform at the inaugural concert of Didacta Italy Fair, the most important educational fair in the world. The evening will take place on Wednesday, March 20th, at 7:00 PM at the Niccolini Theater in Florence (IT).

The Orchestra consists of approximately 50 musicians/students who have completed or are currently undergoing an Erasmus international mobility experience from 60 Conservatories across Europe.

The performance will be conducted by Maestro Elio Orciuolo, and the program includes a selection of pieces by some of the greatest European composers such as Mozart, Donizetti, Bizet, and Puccini.

>> Admission to the concert is free upon registration at this link

What is the Erasmus Orchestra?

The initiative holds symbolic significance and aims to spread the values of the “Erasmus Generation” – open, dynamic, and supportive – and of Europe, using music as a metaphor for integration, meeting, and the development of skills beyond linguistic, geographic, and cultural barriers.

The Orchestra also aims to promote the many Erasmus+ training and mobility opportunities for students in the Higher Education Artistic and Musical (AFAM) sector, contributing to enhancing the talents and excellence of European Conservatories and Musical Institutes. This involves promoting collaborations and partnerships that offer opportunities for internationalization and professional experiences for young musicians.

Since its debut at the 2017 Festival D’Europa in Florence, the Erasmus Orchestra’s performances have enjoyed great public success.

For the 2024/2025 lineup, the project has expanded to include students from Conservatories in all Erasmus+ countries, involving over 220 students from 22 countries and 60 Conservatories. These students will be utilized for concerts to be held over the next two years.

For this new phase, the Agency has collaborated with the European Association of Conservatoires – AEC.

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